Do Online Scratchcards Work? Find Out Right Here!

Playing Online Scratch Games

The question of ‘do online scratch cards work?’ is an old stigma that is attached not only to the scratch game itself, but to all games related to the industry of gambling. In this modern age, the is still a fear people are being cheated despite the toughest rules and checks in place that there has ever been regarding the gaming service of a casino or online casino for that matter. Do, they work? Are they fair? Yes, the scratch card game is simple and the prizes within are there to be won and there are countless winners each day, especially within the realms of online gaming.


If there was an issue of the game, it would be the production of national lottery games. These are set with one single jackpot, should it be won, the circulation of cards are not withdrawn and lower prizes will still be left for people to buy. However, in the majority of cases, there is more chance of making no profit from the cards left, than a player playing to make a profit. With online scratch card games, the jackpots are refilled, so to speak, so all players have a chance of winning the largest prize. In this respect, the service of online games is far fairer for the player than the games which can be bought from the local convenience store.

To acquire these online games for fairer play, head over here, where the best South African casinos online are listed for you to pick from. Not all casinos in the SA market feature the lottery-style game and this will make the process of finding them a lot easier.

How Scratch Games Are Made

The first point and note are that games are not built by the casinos, they are made by the best software developers who, in turn, provide them to the casinos who are just the main platform to provide and pay members. The scratch card game is made by them using two programs, you have the program that forms the design of the game so it looks how it does and the functions perform as they should when a button is pressed. The other program is the algorithms used; these determine within the game how wins are made. For scratch cards, as with all other online casino games, there are two main algorithms that are used.

  1. The RTP or the Return to Player is the more commonly seen program. This algorithm calculates the payment of a player based on the percentage of the money which has been put into the machines.

  2. The RNG or the Random Number Generator. This, as the name suggests, works based on random calculations. A system or algorithm needs to be coded to know what ‘random’ is and, therefore, what this does is produce serial numbers for the gaming symbols and serial numbers matching these and many others during the pressing of the play button. If the generation of numbers matches, a win is produced.

Both programming techniques are fair, there is no discrimination to those that play with lesser stakes and not favouritism to those that play with higher wagers.


Fair Gaming Assurances Online

When it comes to the issue of fairness, it is not just down to how games are programmed to select the winners. The process of fair play happens long before this and this is why the myth of casino game not working is simply laughable.

Casinos are not made in a day and neither are the games. The stages of getting both on the Internet takes years! When it comes to the regulations of a casino, their services including games are independently examined and tested by gambling authorities. The testing of games doesn’t mean you have people from these organizations sat around playing games all day, and if they win, they give the casino a thumbs up. The testing of the developer’s software is what is checked. The programming is tested to make sure the games are not rigged, that the calculation work and the coding is correct. If any scratch card game didn’t work, it wouldn’t make it online and the game would be withdrawn from the casino.

The stigma of online gaming will probably still be around for 100-years, but with these facts, we hope we have made it clear to you that scratch cards work and are fair and that you should play them with peace of mind.